The Covid-19 condition of april 2020 was not like what thats today in 2022.

There was a state of panic as well as confusion. As we are Doctors our family was worried about us in the same manner we were worried about the safety of our family too.

As raised up in a conservative family, my family was not giving me permission to join in my internship.

But, I along with my other friends & colleagues took the decision to serve the needs of the nation in that crisis moment.

We knew its risky as well as its a hard time. We might put ourselves as well as our family in risk but we took that hard decision 

Dateline: April 6th 2020, our joining day.

In the devastating days of mid summer we didn’t take a break from our duty. We Had Insufficiencies.

We had to use single-use PPE for various times as they were short in supply, we had to use one surgical mask several times by rinsing in soap water.

We Had less manpower, as round to round shift increased our vacation period decreased. 

Ahh, those days! Now I remember those days when we worked as frontline fighters, We were expendable, We were invincible. I miss those days

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