Working with my daughter

Even when my daughter was in my womb, Bangladesh was not acquainted with Corona. After that I had to start my duty in the hospital with her in the womb. After my maternity leave, I had to start work with her again. I have received the sincere support and love of every doctor and staff of the hospital all the time. 

The hospital director arranged a separate room for her to play. Often I would see her lying in the back and see the patient in the front.

Still when she sees the stethoscope, she screams saying ‘ear, ear’ and tells to give it to her now.

She was less than a year old when the picture was taken.

Photo taken on 01.07.2021

Introduction: Priyashree Sutradhar Pew

Age: 1.6 months

(Only daughter of Dr. Priyotosh Sutradhar and Dr. Papia Datta.)

Everyone, please keep our daughter in your prayers 

Dr. Papia Datta

Session: 2008-2009

Tairunnessa memorial medical college and hospital

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