The story of life’s struggle

The picture was snapped in 2021 while I was on ICU duty. This picture makes me so emotional that I would like to share it with all.

The story behind the picture:

Patients’ attendee were prohibited to enter the ICU during Covid-19 pandemic. On that day, a patient’s wife was allowed to enter after her earnest request. Then she stood beside his head, put her hand over his head, recited from the holy Qur’an. Then she left a Belly flower garland over his medical file. It touched us emotionally so we did not throw it away. She came here to see her loved one. Maybe Belly was his favorite flower, so she brought it in secret.

She didn’t know whether she would be able to bring him back as his life was on the verge of death. Only she kept praying silently behind the door and waited eagerly for good news, whether we would say- “you may take him at home or the patient is better now we would like to shift him to the cabin.”

Some people are lucky enough to bring their loved ones home and some only get the dead bodies. This is the cruel irony of fate. This is called life. Thousands of stories are composed here in ICU, stories of real life struggle. We the doctors are the real life witnesses of these stories. We stay beside the dying patients. Isn’t it a glorious achievement?!

Dr. Aysha Alam Pranti


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