Last words

One of my patients on life support wrote these words.

We need to keep these patients awake when on trial (life support). Usually, It is very distressing for the patients. A long tube is inserted into the patient’s mouth, one end of which is connected with the machine and the other end reaches his airways. As a doctor, I try to convince them to have it in place, many of them act like childs. 

“Please have patience father, we will remove it shortly, please hang in there” 

Many of them struggle without uttering a single word, and wait timelessly. They wonder when again they can talk, have something to drink. 

Once a patient asked paper and wrote, “I want rice”

People who stand in between life and death, they give us signals. When we could not get those or feel the untold then we gave them something to write on. 

While I was giving morning rounds, I found this paper in a patient’s file. I was about to keep this with me, later I thought as this patient would be fit to be discharged,  I would attach this to his discharge note. 

I can feel every word of this note, what anxiety and emotions are behind. 

From the core of my heart, I want him to be cured and he would return home. 

For better understanding I am writing the words written in the paper here, 

How is my youngest daughter? 

I can’t sleep.

Can you please give me medication?

I will eat later on


My bowel has not moved for the last three days.

Please read my words. 



Breathlessness (written twice)

Probably they will shift me to the cabin, will you stay with me?

I feel restless.

No they are not going to shift me to the cabin today

Shall I stay here today?

Nothing more to tell “

-Dr. Mahmuda Hossain

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