Doctor I Am Giving You Last Warning

In My Medical Career it has happened to me only a few times when i felt proud of being a doctor.And The Little mastermind of this achievement is the little 15 years old angel who has been in the ventilator (life support)

Like other countries in the world, the referral system plays a vital role in the management of patients’ well being & health care facilities in Bangladesh too.

Tanjim (the 15 year old iron lady & a fighter)had been referred from Another Tertiary medical college of our country.After Referral She Was Admitted in Universal Medical College(A privately owned renowned medical college in Bangladesh) 

We Put Her Immediately On P.I.C.U Ventilation Support.

During Admission this little angel was critically ill.We Thought It would Be A tragic case,as the condition of the patient was deteriorating day by day.

But At the End Of The Day Rays on Sun Shined as God Blessed This youngstar with his own blessing.

Since she was unconscious & her GCS score were low we were so much concerned about her recovery. 

When she regained her consciousness the  condition of her respiratory & cardiac system was improving on a rapid basis.

It gave us hope that she might survive in the fight and leave the hospital smiling.

We tried bit by bit to remove her from the ventilation system wonder it took time.

First 15 mins,then 45 now 1 hour or more so

She had pyothorax with surgical emphysema with Myocarditis with all chamber dilated, low Ejection Fraction, High Troponin I, Anti Pro BNP & She Was Immunocompromised

her parents gave us the history that she was previously admitted in The hospital with covid pneumonia & pulmonary tuberculosis

She has still 2 thoracostomy tubes left in her chest.A daily collection of profuse amounts of foul smelling pus is still discharging.

Everyday in Morning Round Whenever I See Her,She Asks Me & threatens me to remove the two thoracostomy tube & discharge her from the hospital. 

I put My arms on a lovely manner on her head & smile.Deep in my heart i pray to the almighty please god,give this angel a new life,its not high time to take your angels to heaven.

I prayed And Prayed & it worked 

At last that day came…During my Morning round the attending nurse gave me a small paper.

I Swear i haven’t seen A lioness like her before

The following was Written:

Dear Doctor I am Giving you the last warning,I have requested you several times to remove this two annoying tube.But You are not paying any heed to my request.Now You are annoying me,I am becoming bored of staying in this ventilation support.Shift me to cabin,otherwise i will call 999 (An emergency service like 911)

P.S.We Have Removed Her Endo-Tracheal Tube Today..She Is Fine & her saturation is now maintained only in 4-6L of oxygen now..We hope she will recover soon. 

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