During Covid-19 time we didn’t have the luxury to watch Netflix series. We doctors didn’t stay at our home.

It became our responsibility to safeguard our patients as well as treat them.

My 6 years old son could see the exhaustion in his parents as myself & my wife both are doctors.

My boy said to his friends don’t touch others, use hand wash or soap, don’t play in the field, stay home and be safe. Sometimes we were mesmerized by the awareness of our child.

It was a prideful moment for us as well. We were also anxious that we don’t make him covid positive.

It became a routine for him to see her mother after 10 days, he couldn’t touch his father. We knew it was hard but during our tiring & depressing mental breakdown this child gave us hope to fight, to live & to help our patients. 

To my point of view every son & daughters of any doctor family who served during the covid period is the real hero.

They knew they might not see their parents in future, there was always a danger of them being covid positive or their parents.

But everyday is not a sunny day, many doctors lost their families, some lost son, some lost daughters. On the other hand many sons lost their mothers, many daughters lost their father, some lost both.

But at the end of the day it gives me hope that like the covid period in any kind of future health emergencies we would be there to serve no matter what happens, we are awake, we will remain awake, as long as we need to.

Ajman Rashid Wasi

Proud Son Of Dr-Tanjina Rahman Juthi & Dr. Abdur Rashid Jewel


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