“I’ve spent my entire career learning from others, and even at this stage I still find I’m learning every day.”

Having worked in different healthcare settings in the field of paediatrics for approximately thirty years, I have had my fair share of ups and downs. But with it comes experience and with experiences comes with changes in perspectives. Although I’ve probably maxed out what I could do in my area of work, I’ve spent my entire career learning from others, and even at this stage I still find I’m learning every day. I am grateful for the supportive leadership and guidance in my organisation, which have created a safe space for me to do what I love most and be the best at what I do.

There was an instance in my career where I was micro-managed and being an individual who has the maturity to be affirmative over my performance, it was considerably one of my worst experiences in this field. Despite countless advice, I chose to remain in that position because I wanted to feel and experience what it was like for someone to be placed in that position. I knew my limits. When it got too much, I sought the appropriate help.

In the midst of understanding myself, I was fortunate to cross paths with an excellent coach. Given the opportunity to talk to someone and gain their thoughts and opinions encouraged me to reflect on myself. I have since recognised the importance of these two elements and have learned to incorporate them in my daily life, particularly when I hit a rough patch. 

It was tough to find the right balance between doing the best for work and family during the pandemic. Working for an organisation that makes this process easy was very very helpful. It took a lot of additional stress away. Briefings by leaders of the organisation and feeling well informed helped to feel safe. Feeling informed and communicated with overall felt better and safer. Having flexibility helped me to manage and juggle the different demands and made me more productive. Many unnecessary things were on ice and emails were so few, it felt wonderful to be able to concentrate on what mattered most.

Nonetheless, I am grateful for everything, both the good and the bad which are fundamentally part and parcel of life. No matter how bleak the circumstances are, I am confident that I can get through it. With years and years of experiences under my belt, I am now in a position to cope and manage aggression and conflicts much more effectively than my younger colleagues who have just started to unravel the harsh truths of our vocation.

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